Courtship after marriage simply means keeping love alive after marriage. The desire to love and to be loved is deeply rooted in our make up as humans.  God set marriage as a divine institution to give love and receive love in return. He designed marriage as a platform where a love relationship can be deeply satisfying and lasting, that you don’t have to look elsewhere for it. Keeping love alive in our marriage is serious business. Couples must be willing to work on their marriages as daily events of life tend to put off the flame of love in a marriage. A common scenario of a typical marriage presents a couple deeply in love with each other. Their love seems perfect and to last forever. With time and familiarity, as the years go by, the love tank seems to diminish. Tension mounts up and the love once felt crumble and leaves the once in love couple stuck in a lifeless and meaningless marriage.

Abimbola Agi

Abimbola Agi-

It does not have to be so. The romance never has to fade. You can keep your love tank full. You can keep the flame of love burning for the entirety of your marital life.

In keeping love alive in your marriage:

  1. Invite God to your marriage

Psalm 37:5 says: “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass.”

The one who created us to love and to be loved has provided specific wisdom and instructions in His word to help us develop a satisfying and lasting love relationship.

The scripture tells us that God is love. Inviting Him into our marriages and homes means we are inviting love. Make God the master of your home. Make His word your standard of living and your love tank will never diminish. God conceived the idea of love and marriage. He knows the game plan fully well to keep your love life sizzling. Invite Him today. God bless you!

Dcns. Abimbola Victoria Agi

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